“Wants for My Children”

“Wants for My Children”

Original Poem By Alexa Sprau

I want my children…

to know nature like home

and to be able to read a poem.

to be themselves without fear

and to feel empathy for those who are near.

to trust in a seed

and to plant extra for those in need.

to be responsible

and to waste as little as possible.

to appreciate their freedom

and to see the beauty their boredom.

to use their words

and to be nice to nerds.

to speak with action

and to not just seek satisfaction.

to know how to build a fire

and to work hard for the things they desire.

to know a plant, leaf, flower, stem

and to be grateful for all that surrounds them.

to always feel love

and to dance with the moon above.

to enjoy winter as much as spring

and to remember that family is everything.